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Patrick Williams is a 6-time CRO, author of From Hustle To Scale, and consultant, with an impressive track record of success driving “mission-to-metrics” alignment and scaling organizations to accelerate revenue generation and penetrate new global markets. His expertise includes building world-class sales, marketing, and customer success teams in the B2B technology sector and has produced successful exits to global technology companies including: IBM, Oracle, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Thomson Reuters. Using his proven strategies, tech companies around the globe are successfully penetrating new markets and accelerating sales growth, while becoming industry leaders in their target markets. They are transforming from product-centric to customer experience/business value-focused sales & marketing teams driving breakthrough results.


WHO is the Go To Market CRO?

A CRO with a track record of success who has led this function in multiple private technology companies achieving outstanding results:

Successful exits in 4 of past 6 companies via acquisition by global technology stalwarts: IBM, Oracle, Cornerstone OnDemand, Thomson Reuters

CAGR ranging from 40% – 75% over the last 6 companies

What Business Problem do I solve?

Tech start-ups with Founder-Leaders having a technical or product background come to me when they want to create predictable customer & revenue growth to build a successful company that achieves a liquidity event

What makes Go To Market CRO different?

The “Solve for the Customer” GTM & Customer Methodology System I developed has demonstrated repeated success regardless of Business Model, Stage of Company or Industry/Market Segment which resulted in a 6X higher probability of a successful exit.

Who do you serve and what value do you create?

I help Founder-Executives & Investors in B2B start-ups emerge from product-market-fit, and gain predictable customer & revenue growth to increase the value of their company.

Pillars of Value

The formulation of a clear GTM Strategy which conveys your unique value

Alignment of the customer facing teams around the GTM Plan, unified to company revenue goals

An enablement system ready and able to execute on your GTM plan

Leadership recalibration and building of the right talent & teams

Value Realized

Optimize your pipeline conversion rates

Strengthening your competitive win rate

Increase average sale price by linking to value

Improved customer retention

Driving more utilization, expansion and upsell

Expand into new verticals or geographies

Add new channels that reach new clients